Semantic Hub supports multinational Pharma in critical decisions on various stages of a drug lifecycle — R&D, launch, promotion
Using AI-based technologies aimed at processing large volumes of unstructured information and semantic analysis in various languages
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We provide pharmaceutical companies with the "reality check" on patient journey and unbiased data about patient experience
An international pharmaceutical company was going to launch an innovative drug for an ultra-rare disease on a local market
This knowledge has become
a basis for successful launch
But only 1 medical expert and 2 patients were found in a country of interest after all
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Automated scanning web resources and databases
The software provides
Deep semantic analysis of potentially relevant texts (based on meaning, not just keywords)
We build the detailed depersonalized landscape of patient experience
We use hybrid approach (pattern-based rules plus machine learning) to extract all the important knowledge from unstructured texts, from each patient story. Then all the insights are pulled together. Examples include, but are not limited to, data on drivers and barriers in choosing therapy, outcomes and burden, unmet needs, awareness and expectations, QoL and emotional aspects, KOLs in patient eyes, centers of excellence and so on
— the detailed picture of patient journey in the countries of interest of the Customer based on the stories of patients with genetically confirmed or preliminary diagnosis

— the "funnel" of underdiagnosed or misdiagnosed patients for further diagnostics and treatment
We navigate patients and caregivers to the medical experts or patient organizations
The details of patient navigation are discussed with each Customer on an individual basis and are implemented with the strict respect to compliance issues
patients are diagnosed by a key medical expert in a disease, in a Center of Excellence. This gives them a chance to get the right treatment
We regularly update data on new patient stories
Early detection of new underdiagnosed patients is provided,which is important both for a patient, in terms of treatment efficacy, and for the image of a drug manufacturer
Case study
It turned out to be a very complex and time-consuming task
— to find patients
— to find out how patient journey looked like in various regions
— to identify key medical experts and hospitals dealing with patients
Semantic Hub has carried out the full-scale screening of the Internet and found patients in different regions
57x more patients comparing to the number of patients found by the company before
The case has become famous on a headquarter level
It has been promoted as best practice in other countries
After launch, Semantic Hub solution is still used by the company to help more underdiagnosed patients
In addition, the technology has gathered knowledge on
— the centers of excellence where patients had been diagnosed or treated
— KOLs/KMEs and transfers of patients from one region to another
Medical aspects were covered as well, such as
— first symptoms and wrong diagnoses
— patient journey and time before diagnosis
— disease burden, QoL, and so on
Generation of insights on all the factors, which are important for success of an innovative drug