Semantic Hub supports multinational Pharma in critical decisions on various stages of a drug lifecycle (R&D, launch, promotion) with the help of AI and multilingual natural language understanding
  1. Scientific due diligence
  2. Gathering RWE, patients' and physicians' pains and opinions
  3. Identification of patients for rare diseases

Technologies aimed at processing large volumes of unstructured information (Big text data) and semantic analysis (natural language understanding), which extract knowledge from heterogeneous information sources. The software provides:

  1. Automated scanning of web resources and databases
  2. Deep semantic analysis of potentially relevant texts
  3. Generation of insights on all the factors, which are important for success of an innovative drug
Products Technologic scouting
(Scientific due diligence)
Gathering RWE on patients and
physicians in social media
Identification of patients
for rare diseases
For whom BD and R&D experts Experts in Marketing and Medical Affairs Experts in Medical Affairs and Market Access, BU Heads
Description Semantic Hub helps select the most promising assets out of the universe of candidates as a potential target for investment or as an emerging threat Semantic Hub provides the “reality check” on patient journey and patient archetypes based on 100 000+ real patient stories Semantic Hub helps find patients with rare diseases and build the landscape of the patient experience in the country of interest
Details Millions of documents processed as an input (papers, CT results, patents, news). Assets qualified with a variety of success and risk factors (100+ criteria such as PKPD, toxicity, MoA, etc.) Knowledge extraction from the millions of user posts in patient forums, professional social networks for physicians, health-related QA portals, etc. Evaluation of the real patient journey, patient subgroups Full-scale screening of the Internet and identification of patients in patient forums, professional social networks, health-related QA portals. Understanding patient needs, journey through the local healthcare system
Advantages - Search for red & amber flags
- Assets prioritization
- Easy-to-use visualization of results
Unbiased data about drivers and barriers in choosing therapy, outcomes, unmet needs, awareness and opinions, emotional aspects, mentioned HCP, KOLs, clinical centers, etc. - Finding patients who are already diagnosed or potentially having a disease
- The solution can be used to find patients for Clinical Trials
What is unique about Semantic Hub:
  1. Not just data, but the support of your decisions
  2. AI which works in synergy with your experts
  3. Multilingual analysis for various countries
  4. Easy and inexpensive regular update
  5. Adaptive design of research
  6. Compliance and security
We have 100+ years of total experience in:
  1. Semantic technologies
  2. Natural language processing
  3. Text mining
  4. Artificial intelligence
  5. Technology intelligence
  6. Decision support systems
We have successfully implemented 50+ projects (decision support systems based on “Big Text Data”) in various industries: healthcare, oil and gas, etc. Since 2016, we have focused on Pharma as our one and only
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